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“Patient Observer” wins 2018 BEST WILDLIFE, International Guild of Realism

Camille Engel’s 30 x 30 inch oil on canvas painting “Patient Observer” is awarded 2018 BEST WILDLIFE International Guild of Realism – published in International Artist magazine, October 2018 issue of American Art Collector magazine.

“Patient Observer” depicts an American Barn Owl stretching his wing while perched in the window of an abandoned stone barn.

“In my research, I learned that at least 46 species of Barn owls exist and no other owl or animal is able to outcompete them at hunting in the dark. In addition, the barn owl has adapted to human intrusion into natural habitats. He is just as comfortable nesting and hunting in a barn, hence the name, as he is in the open prairie or box canyons. Also, the barn owl is rarely seen by humans.” Engel shares. “I was inspired to create a painting that would invite the viewer to momentarily step into my world, experience his beauty in detail, and possibly enjoy a sacred moment.”

“Patient Observer” invites the viewer to momentarily step into my world, experience his beauty in detail, and possibly enjoy a sacred moment.”

2018 International Artist magazine selects “Tranquility” as “Favorite Subject” Award Winner

Camille Engel’s 40 x 40 inch, oil on canvas painting “Tranquility” is awarded FINALIST and a full page article by International Artist magazine for their Challenge #104, “Favorite Subjects” – published in International Artist magazine, April/May issue #120.

“Tranquility” is a close view of the Eastern Red Cedar, the TN state evergreen. “In my research I learned that the eastern red cedar is a sacred tree of the Native American Cherokee peoples and while photographing my references, I noticed how aromatic this particular cedar is,” Engel shares. “I was inspired to create a painting that would invite the viewer to momentarily imagine the fragrance, and enjoy a sacred moment.”

2017 American Art Collector Magazine “Advancing Realism”

We are thrilled that American Art Collector magazine chose Camille Engel’s 48 x 36-inch oil painting “Reflections of the Heart” as one of the featured paintings in “Advancing Realism,” an article in the October 2017 issue of American Art Collector magazine.

This article features select artists of the International Guild of Realism and announces their 12th annual exhibition hosted by the Winfield Gallery in Carmel By-the-Sea, California. The exhibition features paintings by more than 90 artist members and their work highlights an array of subject matters including still lifes, Trompe L’oeils, figuratives and wildlife, showing the range of this timeless painting style.

IGOR is definitely a major player in the resurgence of academic realism in fine art and the juried membership represents some of the very best realists in the world with juried members not only from North America but from more than 35 countries around the world.

2017 Fine Art Connoisseur “His Home Is Tennessee”

“Brilliant Works,” says Fine Art Connoisseur magazine about Camille’s solo museum tour. “An artistic celebration of all things Tennessee.”

Although this writer, Andrew Webster, mistakenly assumed Camille Engel is a male (“Camille, we understand, is a male's name in France”... this article is absolutely wonderful and we couldn't be happier!

2016 Southwest Art Magazine “Artistic Excellence” FINALIST

We are thrilled that Southwest Art magazine chose Camille Engel’s bird painting of a cedar waxing, “Smooth Operator” as FINALIST for their “Artistic Excellence” competition.

See her full-page article in the December 2016 issue.

2016 Southwest Art magazine “Women in Art”

Camille Engel is featured in Southwest Art magazine's special feature, “Women in Art.”

Although women have been creating Art for centuries, they have historically been overshadowed by their male counterparts. This article celebrates contemporary female artists and their work.

2016 International Artist Magazine “Florals & Gardens Challenge Finalist”

Camille Engel's 46 x 62 inch oil painting “Devotion” of a dogwood blossom is awarded “Finalist” in the 2016 International Artist magazine Florals and Gardens competition and awarded a full-page article in the June/July 2016 issue number 109.

Excerpt: "My husband and I become excited each TN spring when the wild dogwoods bloom. Their flowers are brief but glorious as they float in the breeze against a backdrop of bare branches in our wooded landscapes. And, for me, my true pleasure is in studying the bloom close-up, noticing all it's intricacies... have you ever studied a flower so closely that you notice their iridescence, as if they've been dusted with fine glitter?"

2016 American Art Collector "Authentic Moments"

American Art Collector features three Camille Engel paintings in the article titled, "Authentic Moments."

The bright colors of Camille's painting, "The Sweet Life," focus on a Rufous hummingbird and the thistle from which it feeds; "Online Chat" features birds lined up on a wire against a blue sky with clouds; and "Reflective Pause" is a close-up of an Allen’s Hummingbird perched on a flower stem against a blue sky.

2016 American Art Collector “Authentic Moments”

Three of Camille Engel's paintings are featured in the American Art Collector 2-page article “Authentic Moments” exhibition announcement in the February 2016 issue.

Engel paintings featured: “The Sweet Life” 20 x 16 inches , oil on panel; “Reflective Pause” 6 x 12 inches, oil on panel; and “Online Chat” 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas

Many artists like to portray perfection in their art, but for some depicting the realities of life offer challenges and different viewpoints of the world around them. In this exhibition at J.A. Willy Gallery in Naples, Florida, collectors will step into contemporary realism as interpreted by Pat Bailey, Camille Engel, and Diane Davich-Craig.

2015 Southwest Art Magazine “Artist Excellence” THIRD PLACE

We are thrilled that Camille Engel’s bird painting “Home Sweet Home” was named the THIRD PLACE winner for 2015 Artistic Excellence in Southwest Art magazine.

See the full article in the December 2015 issue.