Beauty and the Feast

Beauty and the Feast

46 x 62 inches / Oil on Canvas / catalog # 326-17

Original SOLD

A macro view of a magnolia blossom glowing from the early morning sun. A bee has landed on the painting by the artist's signature in true trompe l'oeil fashion, casting his shadow onto the painting's surface. Honeybee is one of four Tennessee State insects.


2020 — "When Paint Starts to Fly" Solo Exhibition, Murfreesboro, TN City Hall.

2017-2019 SOLO MUSEUM TOUR “My Tennessee Home: The Paintings of Camille Engel” depicting the Tennessee State Symbols.

• Parthenon Museum, Nashville, TN: September 14 – December 31, 2017

• Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa, TX: February 22 – May 20, 2018.

• Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN: October 16, 2017 – January 2, 2018

2007 — “Southern Flora” one of five paintings from the Installation in Nashville's International Airport.

2012 — Customs House Museum, “Illusions of Reality” Camille Engel solo exhibition, Clarksville, TN.