Very A-Peeling

Very A-Peeling

12 x 12 inches / Oil on Panel / catalog # 350-23

Original SOLD

Very A-peeling is a brilliant trick of the eye combining surrealism with trompe l'oeil. Engel skillfully suggests that aphoto of a peeling orange has been taped to a weathered board. In truth, the artist has painted every taped wrinkle, indentation and nail hole in this appealing rendition. The artist cleverly stirs the viewer’s imagination when the peel of the orange seemingly comes to life and begins to curl outside the photo’s boundaries.

PROVENANCE: 2023 - International Guild of Realism, 17th annual exhibition, Sugarman Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 2023 - SOLD to a private collection.

2023 – "BEST TROMPE L’OEIL" International Guild of Realism